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Shani- crystal garland suncatcher, wall hanging crystal, window chain home decor healing crystals decor

Shani- crystal garland suncatcher, wall hanging crystal, window chain home decor healing crystals decor

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Prizm colour

Handmade feminin and bohem style crystal wall hanging+ suncatcher.
width: 60-65 cm / 24 inch
Crystals: Rose quartz / Clear quartz / Amethyst/ Aventurine/
Hang it on your wall or window or shelf :)
Discover the perfect gift idea that combines elegance, positivity, and spiritual healing - our exquisite Crystal Garland with Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst. This stunning piece of boho home decor is more than just a decoration; it's a symbol of love, positive energy, and well-being, making it an ideal present for any special occasion.

Whether you're searching for a heartfelt housewarming gift to bless a new home with harmony and positivity or a thoughtful birthday gift that showcases your deep affection, this Crystal Garland is the answer. Its unique combination of healing crystals holds significance beyond aesthetics, making it a meaningful and cherished personal gift idea.

Measuring an impressive 60 cm wide, this hanging crystal garland adds a touch of celestial magic with its stars pendant, capturing the beauty of the cosmos and infusing any space with cosmic energy. Each crystal carefully chosen for its distinct properties, this garland embodies a harmonious blend of energies that promote well-being, mindfulness, and balance.

Embrace the gentle, loving energy of Rose Quartz to enhance relationships and self-compassion. Embrace the transformative power of Aventurine, fostering emotional stability and inner peace. Embrace the clarity and positivity of Clear Quartz and the spiritual growth offered by Amethyst.

This Crystal Garland effortlessly fits into various settings, making it a versatile addition to any room. Beautify your yoga space, create a calming ambiance in your joga room, or add a touch of elegance to your office decor - the possibilities are endless.

Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one, this Crystal Garland is a heartwarming reminder of your affection and thoughtfulness. Embrace the essence of bohemian living, harness the healing power of crystals, and bring joy to any space with this enchanting Crystal Garland.

Give the gift of positive energy, love, and tranquility. Elevate the spirits and elevate the atmosphere with this remarkable Crystal Garland. Embrace the essence of natural crystals and celebrate life's special moments with a truly unique and meaningful gift.

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