About us

Our suncatcher / wallhanging shop:

Hi, my name is Alexandra Magos :) I'm 32 years old. In 2020, I started making wall hangings from brass, and later suncatchers, jewelry and wedding hair accessories as well. In 2021, we received so many orders that we are already making the products together with my Mother. 

Luckily, I found an art I really enjoy working with. I collected crystals and stones as a child. First of all, the wall decorations are close to my heart because it really fits my style. Brass wall hangings / wall art was the first thing I started making, later the suncatchers and table prisms came, and lately I also make gold plated earrings and necklaces.
Unfortunately, my ideas and photos are often stolen. It was hard to deal with, but that’s humanity. Thank you for your support :) I hope you will love my products.


Hi, My name is Zsuzsanna. I'm Alexandra's mom. In 2021, so many suncatcher orders arrived that I also learned how to make them. Since then,my everyday life has been happier because I don’t have to work in a factory anymore. I really like working with crystals. Thank you for your support♥



I designing new products, take photos, communicate with you / social media ect. I love my job. I'm always full of new ideas. I hope you like our products ☽ I like to create. When I create something new, I'm always very excited. It makes me live. Many times I 'm half asleep when a new idea comes to my head.