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Chaaya natural crystal wall hanging chakra wall decoration hanging crystal Birthday gift for friend

Chaaya natural crystal wall hanging chakra wall decoration hanging crystal Birthday gift for friend

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Witchy home and bohem style brass/gold plated wall hanging with natural clear quartz/ labradorite /opal/Rose quartz ect gemstones. Perfect Mother's day gift or unique gift for friend.
A crystal wall hanging can make a great gift idea for someone who is interested in yoga, meditation, or holistic healing practices. It can also be a unique and beautiful addition to any home decor or yoga room.
Hang it on your wall :) Chakra wall decor, crystal wall hanging.

A Style: Rose quartz-Opalite (glass) -Labradorite-Clear quartz
B Style: Indian agate - Unakite Epidote -Labradorite-Green aventurine
C style: Indian agate-clear quartz-green aventurine-rose quartz
D Style: Clear quartz, Tiger eye, Indian agate, rose quartz
E style: Green aventurine-clear quartz- tourmaline-blue sandstone
F style: Tiger eye - Green aventurine- Rose quartz -Opalite (glass)
G style: Rhodonite-Rose quartz-Clear quartz-Opalite (glass)
H style: Chakra 7 crystal wall hanging: ca. 26 inch/ 60cm: Clear quartz - Labradorite - Lapis Lazuli - Green aventurine - Tiger eye - Gold sandstone or Jasper - Red jasper

A gemstone wall hanging can make a wonderful spiritual gift for someone who is interested in crystal healing or has a spiritual practice that incorporates gemstones. Gemstone wall hangings can come in various sizes and designs, and they typically feature an arrangement of different gemstones that are known for their healing properties.

Brass or Gold plated brass?

Here are some differences between the two:
-Appearance: Brass has a yellowish-gold color, while gold-plated brass has a brighter, more lustrous gold appearance due to the layer of gold on its surface.

-Durability: Gold-plated brass is generally more durable than brass because the layer of gold protects the underlying brass from oxidation and corrosion.

-Cost: Brass is typically less expensive than gold-plated brass since gold is a precious metal and adds to the cost.

-Maintenance: Brass requires more maintenance to keep it looking its best as it can tarnish and corrode over time, whereas gold-plated brass requires less maintenance since the gold layer protects the underlying brass from tarnishing.

A perfect gift idea for a girlfriend, mother, housewarming gift, but also a great unique gift idea for birthdays, special gift for name days, lovely personal gift for weddings. Home jewelry / hanging decor.

If you want your apartment to have a decoration that is special, unique, and gives positive energy, then this wallhanging is a good choice, but it is also a perfect choice as a gift.

We have been making these hanging crystal home decors with my mom since the beginning of 2021. I hope it will bring you joy if you can see the wonderful rainbow lights/ white lights in your room every day :)
My instagram profiles: Bohohomeandnature or Moonchaserhome

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