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Chakra crystal wall hanging, 7 Chakra gift, Seven Chakra gemstones home decor

Chakra crystal wall hanging, 7 Chakra gift, Seven Chakra gemstones home decor

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Crystal/gemstone Chakra wall hanging - real gold plated circles or brass.
A chakra crystal wall hanging is a decorative piece that typically features seven crystals that are associated with the seven chakras of the body. Each chakra is linked to a specific color and type of crystal, and the combination of the crystals in the wall hanging is meant to promote balance and healing in the body's energy centers.
A crystal chakra wall hanging can make a great gift idea for someone who is interested in yoga, meditation, or holistic healing practices. It can also be a unique and beautiful addition to any home decor or yoga room.
When choosing a crystal chakra wall hanging as a gift, consider the recipient's personal style and color preferences. You may want to choose a design that complements their existing decor or matches their favorite colors.

The crystals commonly used in a chakra crystal wall hanging include:

Clear quartz for the crown chakra (white/purple)
Éabradorite for the third eye chakra (indigo)
Lapis lazuli for the throat chakra (blue)
Green aventurine for the heart chakra (green)
Tiger eye for the solar plexus chakra (yellow)
Gold sandstone or Jasper for the sacral chakra (orange)
Red jasper for the root chakra (red)

A chakra crystal wall hanging can be hung in a bedroom, meditation room, or any space where you want to promote balance and healing. It is also believed to enhance the flow of positive energy in the room and promote overall well-being.

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